Sports Betting in New Mexico: An Analysis of the Top New Mexico Betting Sites for 2023

New Mexico, which has historically been a reluctant adopter of wagering, began accepting sports wagers immediately following the 2018 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that overturned PASPA. Horse racing was the only form of wagering in the state for an extended period of time. This altered in 1995 with the approval of tribal casinos and the establishment of a state lottery. While online sports wagering has not yet been granted legal status in New Mexico, residents are still permitted to engage in Daily Fantasy gameplay at their convenience.

Legislation Regarding Gambling in New Mexico

In contrast to numerous states that have been actively advocating for the legalization of sports betting through the introduction of bill after bill in their respective congresses, New Mexico adopted a comparatively relaxed stance on the subject. An established casino, the Santa Ana Star Casino Hotel located near Albuquerque, provided evidence that sports wagering in New Mexico was not technically unlawful by referencing a provision in the state’s gaming laws in October 2018. They utilized this as a rationale to place their initial wager, thereby establishing their state as the sixth to legalize sports wagering nationwide.

The Sports Most Popular in New Mexico
Although lacking any major league professional sports teams, New Mexico is home to a notable collection of minor league and collegiate teams, with a particular emphasis on baseball. Additionally, swimming, indoor football, and soccer are enjoyable diversions for state residents.

The Regional Origins of Sports Betting
It was unexpected when, in the autumn of 2018, New Mexico authorized its first legal sports book, given that the state’s gambling industry has developed more slowly than that of other states. A pre-existing legislation was referenced to support the claim that sports wagering was not completely prohibited. The invalidation of PASPA paved the way for forthcoming advancements in sports betting. However, it has been suggested that wagering will not be permitted on games hosted by the University of New Mexico and State University, and the state has not yet introduced legislation regarding online sports betting.

Age Limit for Legal Online Sports Betting in New Mexico
While New Mexican residents are permitted to wager at horse tracks and purchase lotto tickets at the age of 18, they are not permitted to engage in any form of casino wagering until they reach the age of 21. This encompasses sports wagering, which is presently exclusive to on-site establishments at casinos. The potential impact of online wagering on the age policy is yet to be determined; however, it is probable that it will adhere to the prevailing 21-year age norm.

Is It Legal to Bet on Sports Online From Outside the State?

In 2006, a federal judgment imposed a rigorous prohibition on all forms of online sports wagering in the United States. In opposition, several states, including New Jersey and Delaware, mobilized. In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated PASPA, thereby permitting all states to enact novel legislation pertaining to sports wagering. Although New Mexico followed suit promptly, in contrast to Montana and Indiana, it has yet to undertake any measures to sanction online sports wagering.

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